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Fitness Assessments


Our Fitness Assessment and Exercise Programming System is what really sets us apart from other personal training studios and gyms.

At Brooklyn Health and Performance, we pride ourselves on keeping up on the latest advancements in exercise science. We also believe that every successful system if going to take advantage of using hard data to evaluate their practice and to improve it. We regularly evaluate our system and refine it to make sure that it is the best system delivered anywhere!

Our assessment contains no fluff. We screen for movement deficiencies and common physiological problems, and we make sure that all of that data will impact our programming. Even with this emphasis on efficiency, you will find that our assessment is still much deeper than any other you will find short of seeing a clinician. This is why our workouts are able to be tailored precisely to your needs.




What Should I Expect During My Assessment?

When you come in for your assessment, you will be given a brief Exercise Readiness and Medical History Questionairre.

This information is kept strictly confidential and is only used if it will impact your programming, but it is important for us to know if you have experienced any injuries or medical procedures that may impact your ability to exercise. Safety is always our primary concern for our clients.

After your questionnaire is completed, you will be given a full body composition analysis. We use the InBody Body Composition Analyzer, meaning you don’t have to deal with those uncomfortable skin fold tests. This machine allows us to tell you precisely how much water and muscle is in your body as well as fat. We can even generally guess if you are a righty or a lefty based on the amount of muscle you have in each limb! We will also take your resting heart rate and blood pressure to gather a full picture of your current health.
After your biometrics are recorded, we will begin our movement assessment. Developed with a physical therapist, our movement assessment will allow us to know why you move the way that you do and what areas may be causing problems for you. Using the fact that the body is a series of connected tissues, we are able to target specific chains of muscles that run up and down your body in order to bring you back to a neutral position. After the movement assessment, we will select targeted resets and coach you through them. Once you have completed them, we will retest you to see if they worked. Seeing your movement pattern change within the course of a few minutes is a truly amazing experience, and we are excited to bring that to you! There is no wait, no promise that our coaching will work after a few months. Our system works instantly, and you will see those results before you leave! We couple those resets with our exercise programming to “lock in” those changes and keep you moving well far into the future.

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