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BHP Success Stories: Dan Ellis

“Remove Shirt; Maintain Pride”


Dan is a dean at a public high school in Chinatown. He came to us about 10 months ago looking to make a change in how he works out and how he looks, so we wanted to check in with him to see how he felt about the progress he was making here.

Dan said he came to BHP looking for “personal attention and friendly staff” and that he has gotten “way more” than what he was looking for. Asked to expand on that, he said “the training staff explained why I was doing the exercises that were assigned to me and answered every question I’ve ever had. The knowledge that the staff at BHP has is so important. They are there to make you a better form of yourself and genuinely want you to be happy with yourself and they work as hard as you do to make you reach your goals.”

We design everyone’s programs around their personal goals, so we dug up what Dan’s were when he started here. “I want to be able to take off my shirt and maintain my pride,” was the response on our intake form. We liked it! Blunt. To the point. Dan was started on a fat loss and muscle building program, and the results went really well! Dan said that he is most proud of the fact that he can do push-ups and pull-ups unassisted and with perfect form. He also says that his shirts fit better and he has been getting compliments about how he looks.

Dan gets real on the battling ropes!

Dan gets real on the battling ropes!

Asked about his current goals, he said that now, “it’s about just feeling better overall. My goal has changed because I accomplished the first one. It has been the best change I can think of. It’s given me more confidence in life and has made me feel better about my appearance.”

When we asked Dan about what challenges he is working on, he said, “I still eat like shit. Give me pizza and burgers and ice cream shakes and pasta and bread and butter and sugar and cheese —  it’s all delicious. I have to get better about cooking for myself. If I can eat better, I know Tommy would get me to throw all of my shirts away permanently.”

Cooking classes will be held in Dan’s apartment starting next week 😉

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