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BHP’s Major Keys to Success in Training

BHP’s Major Keys to Success in Training

There is no doubt that there is a massive mental component to achieving your fitness goals. After over 10,000 hours of client training and also hundreds logged on my own, I have a curated list of Major Keys to Success that BHP members use.

One of the most important things is to realize that you are not flying solo. Even if you do not have an army of cheerleaders following you into the gym, it stands to reason that you come into contact with other humanoids on a semi-regular basis. Those people need to support the positive change you are trying to make. You need to have people around you that do not try to stifle your progress by talking to you in a condescending way or try to belittle your progress.

Attitude also plays a massive role. You cannot shrug off naysayers if you give yourself a reason to not train or eat something good for you each time an opportunity not to presents itself. One thing that I have always told myself when committing to a goal was this: “Whether I WANT to do this right now literally has nothing to do with the fact that it’s going to happen.” It is absolutely true that there will be moments where you have to separate your motivation from your actions. Not wanting to go train today, fulfilling an appointment you made with yourself (more on this later), or gaining ground on your goal may be a momentary dip in desire. That is all it is. Put your foot forward and make your way to the subway, the car or step in the direction of the gym.

Sometimes you just gotta get up and do it.

Do it.

Trust me, no one has ever regretted checking something off the list and being a step closer to achievement. When motivation fails, which it often does, the only thing left is the habit. The habit beats out both desire and grit. Protip: It always will.

Mentally you can be Professor X, but you need the nuts and bolts of it all as well. With that, you can really piece together a self-correcting system for when mental strategies fail. One method I like and use for our clients at BHP, is setting a record each time you work out. This sounds daunting, but it really isn’t. It is something that is build into the BHP Training System and is sure to keep your progressing. Let’s say it’s the second week of your program and you previously completed 2 sets of 12 on your exercise. You have a few options here:

  • Complete 3 sets of 12
  • Do 2 sets of 12 with a little more weight (always only until technical failure)
  • Perform the same number of sets and add a rep

All of these strategies culminate in one thing: increasing the amount of work you are doing on a given exercise. Either way, you are setting a record in that exercise and you are getting closer to your goal by continually doing so.

Some days you simply won’t feel like doing that, but do not stop yourself from progressing just yet! Hit the floor and do your warmup. You will move your body through ranges of motion, you will slowly increase the tissue temperature and you will feel more limber and slowly fire yourself up. Countless times have we witnessed our members come in yawning only to be ready to pull heavy stuff off the floor or perform a conditioning session 10 minutes later after they had warmed up. It makes a massive difference and secondarily, it helps build the habit of coming in no matter what.

It should not surprise you that you need to fuel your training. Many people really do not know what they are going to eat next meal, let alone the next day. Plan your meals in advance and become more active in the role nutrition will play in your grand scheme. Things like meal prep, how to shop for things you like and what to eat before and after training are major keys to escaping the excuse of not having the energy.  All of these strategies and more are taught in our Complete Nutrition program here at BHP.

Schedule your training sessions. Seriously, do it. When you have an appointment it is way easier to commit, whether someone is waiting for you or it’s you rolling solo. I find in NYC this works well because it seems that peoples’ professionalism outweighs their willpower. Why, you ask? Because it is a HABIT. It all comes back to that.

Sometimes your first month of training is more about showing up than it is about learning all the exercises we are trying to teach. Showing up is first base. And if you hit a single 100% of the time, you’ll at least be likely to win the game in the long run. Set a number of training sessions you want to do for the week, the number of prepared meals you want to eat each week and aim to hit that number before the end! From a planning perspective, it is that easy.

Another strategy that we built our community around, is having a workout buddy. Many times our members who train at the same time hold each other accountable, offer support and even become #Swolemates. Now someone else is depending on you, so if you are not feeling up to it and even if your motivation toward your goal starts to wane, you care about the other person’s goals and you pull through for them. This is a really powerful thing. Just make sure that if your Swolemate can’t show that day, you see it as an opportunity to train your habit of showing up regardless.

For more major keys to success, you can check out the BHP Blog homepage! If you are ready to get started with the best semi-private training that Brooklyn has to offer, then contact us to schedule your FREE fitness assessment!

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