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Sport Team Training


We provide the most comprehensive Sports Team Training around. Whether you are playing in a local sports club or competing for the chamionship in a top league, we can help your team out perform everyone else on your schedule.

Stop wasting time during practice doing conditioning and get the training you need in our world-class facility. Targeted assessments and team-based programming allow us to help your team get stronger, faster, and be able to recover more effectively. Our coaches will design the right kind of workout program for your sport and make sure that each of your players is implementing it to get the best results.


What Does My Team Get From Training?

We have flexible offerings to fit any budget and time commitment, but even our most basic program will put your players way ahead of their competitors. Each player on your team will be assessed and have an individual warm up written for them.

We strongly suggest that coaches implement this warm up before practices and games because it is specifically tailored to the needs of each player. Then, we will write a an exercise program for the team. We can also divide the team up depending on their goals or positions and write multiple different programs for each group within the team. Finally, we will schedule a time for your team to come in and train.

We will provide enough coaches on the floor to make sure that everyone is receiving the right amount of attention to complete their programs effectively. For any players with odd schedules, we also offer open gym for them to come and train on their own once they have learned their program.

No other gym will tailor the exercises for your team like we do at Brooklyn Health and Performance!

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